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Tubular Level Indicator

Tubular level indicator is a simple and reliable device for direct reading in atmospheric or pressurized tanks.

Construction & Design Features:-

  • The Indicator is fitted between two end blocks through gland packings. The indicator is mounted parallel to tank so as to form a close loop causing tank liquid to seek its level in the gauge.
  • Guards are provided in the form of Tie-rods for 360 visibility or C- channels around the gauge to protect it from accidental blows.
  • Glass removal for replacement possible w/o dismantling the gauge.
  • 100% PTFE bush as packing to ensure positive leak tightness for full vacuum as well as 6 kg/cm service pressure.
  • It is available in single length of 2000mm c/c distance. We can extend the length by coupling 2 or more through coupler.
  • We are providing Air Vent plug at top & drain plug at bottom for taking sample.
  • We can also provide inbuilt isolation valve or offset constructed isolation valve on request.
  • The connection provided will be Flanged/Screwed/TC joint.


Glass tube 19mm OD-9
25mm OD-5
Protection guard MS ‘C’ channels-MC
SS 304’C’ channels-SC
MS Tie Rods – MT
SS 304 Tie Rods –ST
End fittings SS 304 – 4
SS316 – 6
CS – C
PP – P
Other Material – O
Isolation Valve Not provided – W
Needle valve – N
Drain Plug – P
Ball valve – B
Process Connection Flanged – F
Screwed – S
Scale Aluminium – A
SS 304 – S
Polycarbonate – P