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Filpro Magnetic Level Gauge

Superior Quality Materials designed compactly

The Filpro Magnetic Level Gauge is manufactured using high quality materials meeting all standard parameters. Depending on material of construction Level Gauges are resistant to chemicals, acids, alkalis, aggressive liquids, high temperature and high pressure. They are designed to indicate liquid level and can also provide continuous analogue output through Reed Level Transmitter. These Magnetic level gauges are designed as an alternative to glass level Gauges which are comparatively unreliable and inaccurate.

The Filpro Magnetic Level Gauge consists of three major components

  • The Float Chamber : The Float Chamber 2” NB is available in SS 304, SS 316, PP, Titanium
  • Float: Ø50 Float is available is SS 304, SS 316, PP, Titanium.
  • Gauge System: Filpro offers Magnetic Level gauges with Follower Capsule Gauge System or Bi-Colour Flapper System.

Early Delivery, Best quality and Cost Effective

Filpro offers side mounted level Gauge and Top mounted level Gauge with customer requested process connections. Filpro Level Gauge is available for High temperature, High Pressure, material of construction.

Technical Data

Float Ø46, Nylon Foam
Flange 52X70, MS Powder Coated
Pointer Red Nylon Plastic
Frame MS Powder Coated
Length 100mm to 250mm