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PP Miniature Float Switch

PP Miniature Float switch is suitable for single level sensing. It Consists of a Reed switch housed inside the PP housing & a permanent Magnet inside the float assembly. The float moving with the liquid level makes (NC) & breaks (NO) the reed switch contact. It is used for sensing Low, High or Point level in tanks .the mounting is through a M12 male thread.

Applications :-

  • Hydraulic Oil,
  • Water
  • Boilers
  • Chemicals & Pharma


Housing PP
Float PP (upto 70oC)
Mounting M12 Male thread with a nut 70oC
Maximum Temperature 70oC
Maximum Pressure 2KG/cm2
Maximum Switching Voltage 230VAC / 24V DC
Maximum Switching Current 0.7A / 0.5A
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