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Fuel Level Sensor for Vehicles

Effective Monitoring with GPS Device

Capacitive sensors can provide many output types of signals accordingly with many domestic and international GPS standards such as RS232, RS485, Analog, Frequency.

Also capacitive sensors have high accuracy, certain consolidation, harsh environment, long service life and no technical maintenance required.

Features and Benefits

  • High accuracy up to 99.5%.
  • Automatically receive configuration after cutting, not having to bring the computer to the building.
  • Shockproof mechanism, good and stable operation in each harsh environment.
  • Suit with most fuels and size of the fuel tanks (length standard : 700,1000,1500mm; it can be cut short or be prolonged customizable up to 6000 mm ).
  • External protection mechanisms such as : Anti scale due to oil filter, damping, anti soil impact and harsh environment impact on sensors and signaling wire
  • Smart noise filtering algorithm helps remove all external disturbances impact on the sensor.
  • Wide application and suitable fitting with fuel tanks on tractors, construction machines and ships, on land or at sea and in many other industries
  • Software for managing, configuring and installing smart sensors on computers, helps sensors customized in every application.



LIGO SP-AF is a combination of two output signal lines : Analog and Frequency. The output signals can be customized via software on the computer and the configuration set from the manufacturer.


LIGO SP-RS232 fuel level sensor is an upgrade to connect external device via protocol between two parties.


LIGO SP-RS485 fuel level sensor is the same as LIGO SP-RS232 fuel level sensor and it is able to travel further as well as suitable for many industry standards. Each sensor is equipped and protected against harsh environments as well as external disturbances that affect the sensor.

LIGO SP-RS485 sensor also meets IP 67 standard which works well in environment often exposed to water and mud

Good Operation and Easy Installation

LIGO fuel level sensor is designed for the easiest installation. The feature of automatically recognizing configuration after cutting will be suitable and best in the market.

The installation does not need to carry the computer and can install the sensor to run stable and accurately.

Only define and cut the sensor according to the height of the fuel tank, then leave it in the air and provide a stable power source for the sensor, within 30s the sensor will automatically receive the length again after cutting.

Install the sensor into the fuel tank and then connect to the third-party terminal and perform a re-calibration of the number of liters according to the volume of the new fuel tank.

The entire installation process is simple, no more than one to three hours of work. If it is necessary, Filpro will provide training, guidance and support step by step to install the fastest and most stable operation.

Manufactured by : SOJI ELECTRONICS, Vietnam