Single Tank Controller


Single Tank Controller

We offer Liquid Level Controller to automatically start & stop the pump with tank level input from Magnetic Float Switch or Cable Float Switch. Liquid Level Controller provides LED Indication for Power ON, Relay ON (Motor ON), Tank High & Tank Low. The controller has provision to select pump mode as Pump UP or Pump Down. In Pump UP mode, the pump starts at Low Level & Stops at High Level. Pump UP mode is used to fill the tank. In Pump DOWN mode, the pump starts at High Level & Stops at Low Level. Pump DOWN mode is used to empty the tank.

Technical Specification :

  • Input Supply : 230V AC Sensor
  • Input : From Magnetic Float Switch or Cable Float Switch
  • Output : 1NO contact rated fro 230V AC, 5A
  • Mounting : Back panel 35mm din rail mounting
  • Mode :Pump UP ( Filling ) or PUMP Down ( Emptying)


Supply 230V AC
Out put 230V AC, 5A potential free relay contact 1NO
LED indication Power ON
Relay ON
High Level
Low Level
Function Option Pump UP – Filling
Pump Down - Emptying

Wall mount or 35mm din rail

Enclosure Weatherproof to IP 54
Filpro sensors