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  • Level Transmitter
    • Float Operated Level Transmitter

      Float Operated Level Transmitter

      Float Operated Level Transmitters are ideal for continuous Level Mounting in Water , Diesel , Chemical and Oils for accurate level Measurement.

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    • Capacitance Level Transmitter

      Capacitance Level Transmitter

      Capacitance Level Transmitter is used in sensing level of liquids. Capacitance Level Transmitter can be used for conductive as well as nonconductive liquids. It is offered with PTFE sleeve for better insulation & to withstand high temperature in conductive tanks the insulated probe acts as one electrode & the tank wall as another electrode, any change in liquid level the dielectric value will change thereby changing the capacitance value proportional to the liquid level.

      Filpro sensors private limited
    • Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter

      Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter

      Based on BCM piezoresistive technology, model LV36 Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter is designed for gauge pressure (relative) application in level measurement. Made from 316L stainless steel with rigid and robust construction and cable with vent hose for submersible applications, the LV36 Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter is suitable for liquid level measurement.

    • Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

      Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

      Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is a non-contact ultrasonic continuous level measurement product based on our patented technology. Ultrasonic Level Transmitter offers affordable solution for a variety of applications for Water, wastewater, petrochemical, chemical, food and beverage.

  • Level Indicators
    • Liquid Level Indicator

      Liquid Level Indicator

      Liquid Level Indicator is designed to indicate the liquid level inside the tank with a visual indicator above the tank. Liquid Level Indicator is very useful in visually monitoring the liquid level from a distance. Reed Proximity sensor is fitted to Liquid Level Indicator for remote feedback of high, low or multiple levels of tank .The Reed Proximity Sensors are easily adjustable at site & have Latching technology.

    • Magnetic Level Indicator

      Magnetic Level Indicator

      FILPRO make Magnetic Level Indicator provides clear, high clarity indication of liquid level. Typically, Magnetic Level Indicator consists of three major components: Float Chamber, Float and Indicator System. Magnetic Level Indicator is principally designed as an alternative to glass level gauges.

  • Level Switches
    • Magnetic Level Switch

      Magnetic Level Switch

      We bring forth efficient Magnetic Level Switch for our valued clients. The Magnetic Level Switch consists of non-abrasive float carrying permanent magnet and non-ferrous stem carrying one. Two or multiple reed switches.

    • Horizontal Float Switch

      Horizontal Float Switch

      Horizontal Float Switch used to control liquid level in vessels containing corrosive or non corrosive liquids. It is used to control pump, provide Alarm, for valve control or level indication.

    • Cable Float Switch

      Cable Float Switch

      Cable Float Switch is mainly used for the automatic working of small pumps and cellar emptying pumps in liquids a little bit agitated. Cable Float Switch has the technical advantages as the devices are for intensive uses and has a 110° working angle.

    • Miniature Level Switch

      Miniature Level Switch

      Miniature Level Switch is a compact construction, suitable for mounting vertically. Miniature Level Switch consists of a Reed Switch housed inside the guide tube & a permanent magnet inside the Float assembly. The Float moving with the liquid level makes (NC) & breaks (NO) the Reed Switch contact.

    • Adjustable Level Switch

      Adjustable Level Switch

      We offer Adjustable type Level Switch for use in Sumps, Over Head Tanks and Storage Tanks. The Adjustable Level Switches are easy to install. Likewise, the levels are easily adjustable at site.

    • Vibrating Fork

      Vibrating Fork

      The vibrating fork type level sensor works on the principle of tuning forks. There is a stack of piezo ceramic crystals located inside the fork assembly. The stack is so selected that on application of voltage, the crystals oscillate at the natural frequency of the fork assembly

  • Liquid Level Controller
    • Liquid Level Controller

      Liquid Level Controller (Smart On)

      We offer Liquid Level Controller (Smart On) to automatically start & stop the pump with tank level input from Magnetic Float Switch or Cable Float Switch. Liquid Level Controller (Smart On) provides LED Indication for Power ON, Relay ON (Motor ON), Tank High & Tank Low.

    • Liquid Level Controller


      Liquid Level Controller (APC-1) is used to automatically start & stop the pump for filling the tank or emptying the tank with alarm indication With liquid level inputs from the Magnetic Float Switch fitted in the sump and over head tank, (APC-1) controller can be used for PUMP UP or PUMP DOWN operation

    • Sump & O.H controller

      Sump & O.H controller

      We offer our valued client Sump & O.H controller. Sump & O.H controller is a micro-controller based liquid level controller for sump and overhead tank.

    • Liquid Level Controller

      Liquid Level Controller (DLIC-R1)

      Our valued clients can avail from us sophisticated Liquid Level Controller (DLIC-R1). Our Liquid Level Controller (DLIC-R1) is based on high-end technology which ensures efficient performance and accuracy. We offer Liquid Level Controller (DLIC-R1) at reasonable price.

  • Fuel Level Sensor
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Filpro Sensors Private Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturer, Exporter of Level Transmitters, Level Indicators, Level Switches, Liquid Level Controller and Fuel Level Sensor. The Company was started by young and motivated technocrats with a vision to become a leading and reliable name for Liquid Level Sensor. The Company is greatly preferred not only for its reliable product but also for its client-centric approaches. With its quality products, the company is serving various sectors Including machine Tool Industry, Building Management System , Parma, Food and Beverage, Petrochemical , Process Industry, etc.,

We also provide hassle free solutions, right from concept to commissioning of projects related to Liquid level management. We have successfully risen to the challenges imposed by changing market Scenario. The company has adequate expertise to manufacture the best quality Liquid Level sensor. We are looking ahead with our integrity, proficiency and experience to satisfy more clients in global market.


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